Learning to Earning

At The Skin Care Academy, we want to make sure that your effort does not go unnoticed. Once you have completed all the courses you have the opportunity to receive special discounts on all Janssen Cosmetics Products for your spa.


What Perks!

When you complete all of the courses, you will be rewarded with a 20% discount on your opening order with Janssen Cosmetics.


Like to Travel?

Completing The Online Skin Care Academy not only expands your Janssen Cosmetics education but also qualifies you to win a trip to Germany to be trained at the Janssen Cosmetics Headquarters.

Interested? Once you have received your certificate of completion from the Academy, you are automatically eligible to participate. If the participant purchases $20,000 of Janssen Cosmetics products over the following 12 months, the participant will receive a fabulous 7-day educational course in Aachen Germany that includes airfare and housing accommodations.

Ready To Take The Next Step?