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Extensive Product Knowledge

Gain in-depth understanding of the products Janssen Cosmetics offers that have been designed to manage any skin care concerns for over 20 years.


Exclusive Training

Expand your knowledge on how to successfully execute Janssen Cosmetics treatments and provide your clients with a wonderful facial experience!


Rewards Program

Upon completing the Academy, you will not only be a certified Skin Care Academy graduate but you are also eligible for discounts, free shipping & a trip to Germany to train under Janssen Cosmetics professionals.


Study Guides

Study Guides

Downloadable study guides available for you to be in the know at all times. Each guide contains facts needed to pass each course and you can continue to use in the future.

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Video Tutorials

High quality video tutorials to give you a fully immersive experience as you learn about Janssen Cosmetics and how to have a successful future in your aesthetics career.


Completion Certificates

Receive a certificate of completion when you complete The Skin Care Academy. This certificate can hang on your treatment room wall as a proud reminder of your success.

Ingredients Matter

We get it, everyone says they have the best ingredients, that deliver the best results and so on and so on.  We put our money where our marketing mouth is. We immerse you into our active ingredients so you know that when you are working with your clients, with our product,  you are giving the best of the best.

We include why these specific ingredients matter for certain skin conditions and help you understand when to use each line. In our Janssen Cosmetic Master Courses, you will learn how to inter-mix products from different lines in order to achieve the best result for your client, which in the long run means success for you as an aesthetician.


Learn Where You Are

The Online Skin Care Academy is available where you are. You are able to access your courses on any device at anytime. We understand you are pursuing your dreams of being a successful esthetician or spa owner, so we want to make sure we get you the good stuff where and when it is most convenient for you.

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Latest Tip & Trick

All About Ampoules

Janssen Cosmetics offers an extensive range of selected active substance concentrates in ampoule form. Each ampoule is considered “one-dose” and should be used in its entirety per treatment.
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The Magic of Janssen Epigenetic Serum

Is Epigenetics the newest skincare craze? If you haven’t heard of Epigenetics in skincare, you will soon. Scientists are using the fundamentals behind epigenetics to develop innovative skin care formulas that allow improvement on a cellular level.
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Platinum is the New Luxury Ingredient

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. However, Platinum may be your skins best friend. Platinum has recently been a break-through ingredient in the skincare industry. Known for its many benefits such as its anti-aging properties, revitalizing components, and its ability to protect cells against damaging free radicals.
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