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Are you consulting your clients?

When visiting a doctors office, you are asked many questions. What are you experiencing? What are your symptoms? What is your diet? Do you smoke? How often are you consuming alcohol? When you are answering these questions, you feel engaged with your physician. They are listening to you and observing. You are their main focus…
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Fundamentals of Facebook Pages

If you aren’t familiar with social media, Facebook and other platforms like it can seem intimidating. Especially if you are using it for branding purposes. Your business is your brand and it is essential that you are marketing your brand to build awareness. Why use Facebook? Facebook, after all, is the largest social media platform…
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Ambiance & Atmosphere

Have you ever looked at your salon from a third point perspective? Do clients ever compliment you on the decor or smell of your establishment? If yes, you are doing something right to receive such great compliments. If not, here are some tips to get you started. Sometimes we underestimate the power that a few…
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