All About Ampoules

Janssen Cosmetics offers an extensive range of selected active substance concentrates in ampoule form. Each ampoule is considered “one-dose” and should be used in its entirety per treatment.

Janssen Cosmetics Ampoules are made using a germ-free process that consists of sterile filling without the use of oxygen. This process allows the ampoules to be available with a minimum amount of preservatives. When the ampoule is opened, oxygen is then introduced to the concentrated active substance which causes a sensitive reaction.

The ampoule concentrates serve to enhance general care cosmetics and boost their effect. Once the ampoule is applied, the skin is normalized, vitalized or calmed depending on the individual active substance of each ampoule.

In addition, each Janssen Cosmetics Ampoule contains  long-chained Hyaluronic Acid to provide the skin with remarkable moisture. Coupled closely to the skin surface, hyaluronic acid possesses an extraordinary moisture binding capacity. This benefits all skin types because each application guarantees more freshness and ensures beautiful, smooth skin.

Ampoule concentrates are optimally suitable for application in the form of a cure: applied daily over a period of approx. 2-4 weeks, they develop their perceptible effect beneath the day or night care product.

During beauty treatments, ampoule application can be enhanced using iontophoresis. This is possible because all Ampoule preparations contain water-soluble active substances and have a low molecular weight. Iontophoresis is used to shoot anions in with the aid of the cathode and cations. The individual application recommendation regarding polarization and the penetration time is dependent on the contents’ polarity and may vary in individual cases.

Each Janssen Cosmetics Ampoule is available in a Professional size of 25 pieces. However, you can also sell Janssen Cosmetics Ampoules to your clients in a 7 piece box.

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