The Magic of Janssen Epigenetic Serum

Is Epigenetics the newest skincare craze? If you haven’t heard of Epigenetics in skincare, you will soon. Scientists are using the fundamentals behind epigenetics to develop innovative skin care formulas that allow improvement on a cellular level.

What’s all the fuss about? Over time, epigenetics can help refine gene expression patterns that cause the skin to renew from the inside out. Making it a fundamental part of any personalized skin care regime.

Janssen Cosmetics has accepted the challenge of providing cutting-edge skin care formulas to maintain the skin’s youth and resist the ravages of time. With that being said, we would like to introduce to you the new Epigenetic Serum.

Janssen Cosmetics Epigenetic Serum is a care-based formula that makes the skin look noticeably younger, keeps the cells youthful for longer, reduces dryness wrinkles, and provides the skin with soothing moisture.

Latest scientific studies show that our genes are not everything. Genes can be steered by many factors such as lifestyle, diet, and the ingredients we apply to our skin. This occurrence is due to epigenetic modification of our genetic substance. The real beauty behind the Epigenetic Serum is its basis on an active anti-aging ingredient that reduces the epigenetic modification of the skin caused by external influences and enhances the skin cell’s stress resistance and vitality. The result is significantly younger-looking radiance and skin that becomes more resistant to the signs of aging!

Here is our recommendation for incorporating Epigenetic Serum into a facial treatment sequence.

If you’re still curious about Epigenetics, click the link below and check out what the professionals at Dermascope Magazine had to say:

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