Platinum is the New Luxury Ingredient

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, Platinum may be your skins best friend. Platinum has recently been a break-through ingredient in the skincare industry. Known for its many benefits such as its anti-aging properties, revitalizing components, and its ability to protect cells against damaging free radicals.

Janssen Cosmetics full-range luxurious Platinum Care line contains a unique Platinum-MP-Complex that visibly smooths the surface of the skin while also providing a long-lasting-deep effect on the skin’s tissue.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the Platinum-MP-Complex. This Complex has three components on Platinum.

1. MatrixylTM Synthe’6TM – This extremely effective high-tech peptide is extraordinarily effective at filling lines. The skin’s texture is verifiably smoother and lines are filled from the inside.

2. Multi-Active Silk Extract- This extract reduces visible signs of fatigue, such as dark circles, puffiness, and haggard facial skin. Ensuring a youthful radiance glow. This combination of Acmella Oleracea, Manioc Root, Mango, Shea, Cupuacu and Macadamia Nut ensure a luxurious texture, elegant scent all while giving your skin the lift and smoothness it needs.

3. Colloidal Platinum- A trending ingredient in the skincare industry known for its anti-aging, pigmentation correcting, and radiance boosting effects.

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Janssen Cosmetics Platinum Care line includes four luxurious products:

  1. Platinum Care Day Cream: This premium anti-aging day cream supplies your skin with highly-active ingredients all day long. Containing MatrixylTM Synthe’6TM to smooth our wrinkles and fine lines, this beneficial day cream tends to your skin during your busy daily schedule.
  1. Platinum Care Effect Serum: This ultra-light luxury effect serum provides your skin with a combination of skin-toning active ingredients and intense moisturizers giving you noticeably smoother skin and radiance. Containing Gatuline® Expression, known as “natural botox”, to target and smooth out expression lines.
  1. Platinum Care Eye Cream: The Platinum Care Eye Cream hydrates and smooths the delicate eye area making the eyes look more youthful and radiant. This total eye care product contains colloidal platinum, vitamin E and MatrixylTM Synthe’6TM giving your eyes an optimal anti-aging package.
  1. Platinum Care Night Cream: For skincare thats effective even while you sleep, look no further. Janssen Cosmetics Platinum Care Night Cream replenishes and revitalizes your skin with highly effective anti-aging ingredients and a beneficial lipid complex while you get your beauty rest. This lipid complex contains ingredients such as shea butter, mango butter, and macadamia oil for a deeply replenishing experience.

Janssen Cosmetics Platinum Care line is available in both Professional and Retail sizes.

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