Ambiance & Atmosphere

Have you ever looked at your salon from a third point perspective?

Do clients ever compliment you on the decor or smell of your establishment?

If yes, you are doing something right to receive such great compliments. If not, here are some tips to get you started.

Sometimes we underestimate the power that a few additions can make. For example, adding a simple vase with fresh flowers or the calming smell of lavender coming from a diffuser. These simple things can add elements to your client’s experience.

Think your spa needs a little extra attention to detail added but don’t think you have the eye for design? Pinterest is a great resource to use when looking for creative inspiration to spice up your dedicated working space.

Click or copy and paste the link below to get you started.

Do you have low music playing while giving facials? Perhaps having relaxing spa music playing in the background will ease your client while waiting for a mask to dry. This can also be a handy tool to cure any awkward silence.

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