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As we all know, the internet is a primary tool for reaching new clientele and engaging with current clientele. Yelp is one of the tools you can use to engage with potential clients who use reviews to gauge whether they visit your business and participate in your services.

A potential client could be someone visiting the city and looking to receive a facial or massage in between flights or while visiting on vacation. It could also be a local looking for a new esthetician. The possibilities are endless. When these potential clients are deciding where to receive these services, they are likely to use a resource like Yelp and base their decision on reviews.

Though you may not be a chain and just working out of your corner salon or booth, using tools like Yelp will help you compete with the bigger competition and get your name out to the community.

Don’t forget that when using a platform like Yelp, it is always important to engage with customers. If one of your clients leaves you a fabulous review, make sure that you are able to leave a comment thanking them. If a client leaves you a poor review, make sure to respond with a comment that offers a resolution. For example, you could say, “I’m sorry to hear about your experience, please contact me for a free ______ to make up for your inconvenience”. This will show people reading the negative reviews that you are a business that cares about your client’s happiness and well being.

Having trouble receiving reviews? If you have a long-term client that absolutely loves your services, don’t be scared to ask them for a review to get you started. If a new client raves about his/her experience, this is a wonderful time to ask them to share their thoughts with a comment online and you would greatly appreciate it.

Don’t know where to begin? Yelp has got you covered. Visit to begin the process of setting up your business profile on Yelp.

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